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Posted by Editor on 4th November 2010 at 03:38 PM
Bonfire Night memories of Little Hulton
We have received this poem from local poet Simon Icke about his memories of bonfire night when growing up in Little Hulton.

Bonfire Night Memories

It's bonfire night and the sky
is full of crackles and bangs,
brightly coloured lights.
The damp November air;
full of gunpowder and
the smell of fires
and smoke
Oh how I love this atmosphere.
If only I had someone to tell about
'our penny for the guy'
or the terrific bonfires we built.

I have the honour of lighting it,
with lighted match, hands shaking,
searching for dry paper.
Then little fires start to build inside;
the first smell of smoke
as wood starts to light,
this is just the beginning alright.
'It's lit! it's lit!' everyone shouts.

I remember the flames,
that licked the sleepers dry,
swirling bright yellow flames,
leaping higher and higher,
'can't you just feel that fire!'
The heat on my face,
' look my coat is steaming!'

Excited faces all around,
Dad saying 'be careful son.
'Don't get too near that fire
or that air bomb that didn't go off,
it could explode at any second!'
Don't worry Dad, I'm alright.
(never felt better in fact)
This is definitely the best night,
It is just so brilliant it is.

Oh if only I was still a kid,
I'd be outside right now with my friends,
eyes wide open trying to take it all in,
ears primed; ready for the big bangs,
deciding which firework to light next.
Not sitting here enjoying my memories
of November the fifth’s gone by---
Just sat at my computer, writing this.

Childhood memories of growing up in Little Hulton, Salford, Manchester. UK.

Source: Simon Icke.

Comment by Guest  7th November 2010
Well it's certainly polarising opinions. It's like the marmite of poems.
Comment by Guest  7th November 2010
The poem is excellent!. Never quite understand why some people find it easy to 'sneer' at work they probably couldn't better themselves!
Comment by Guest  7th November 2010
some of the comments are not just rude they also show unbelievable ignorance! I think the poem is brilliant and it brings back alot of childhood memories...thank you.
Comment by Guest  7th November 2010
The vast majority of posters here post as "guest".
Comment by paladinopus ( member )  7th November 2010
I think it's unfortunate that this blog sometimes attracts a small number of very negative people, who rarely have something positive to say, they often hide behind the anonymity of "Guest". I wouldn't count anybody as a serious critic who doesn't have the courtesy and or bottle to identify themselves. Salford online tries to give everybody a voice and it must be difficult to decide when to take comments off so I understand when some are left on that others think should be removed. It's unfortunate that there are some who just don't understand the difference between genuine criticism and just slagging off.
Comment by Guest  7th November 2010
criticism is fine, but not in a way that discourages other people from having a go. you don't sound like a very welcoming community. I would thank Simon for the effort, it's not groundbreaking poetry but it's nice enough.
Comment by Guest  6th November 2010
I started to read it but fell asleep half way through.I found it very tedious.
Comment by Guest  6th November 2010
I can't tell if it's good or bad. I hate all poetry.
Comment by Guest  6th November 2010
So if I think the poem isn't that good I am not allowed to voice my opinion then? how do you know that I do nothing constructive or creative don't jump to rash conclusions, the bottom line is that the poem is not very good in my opinion, any body else enamoured with this piece of doggrel?
Comment by Guest  6th November 2010
Comment by Guest  6th November 2010
One of the easiest things in life is to put others down especially when you do nothing constuctive or creative your self. If you have nothing positive to say why not just show some manners and say nothing at all.
Comment by Guest  5th November 2010
You sound a right big head, you are acknowledged as the author of this poem and I did not see any mistakes in the poem published, which too be honest wasn't that good. What is all this, unpaid independent political writer, campaigner and poet rubbish got to with the fact that a lot of people have seen your poem? Ain't criticism hard.
Comment by Guest  5th November 2010
Just for the record I now live in Aston Clinton, Buckinghamshire. UK but lived for 20 years in Coniston Avenue, Little Hulton and my father George Icke who was a draughtsman at AEI Trafford Park came from Langworthy Road Salford 6. I still have family living in Little Hulton and Walkden. If you want to copy this poem please do all I ask is that you acknowledge me as the author. I noticed a slight error in the poem after sending it; the third to last verse should read 'swirling bright yellow flames' not 'yellows flames' as published. I hope it brings back some happy memories for many Salford folk. Best Wishes Simon Icke Unpaid independent political writer, campaigner & poet.