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Peter Cushing to take over as Metrolink boss

Posted by Editor on 29th January 2013 at 11:03 AM
Peter Cushing to take over as Metrolink boss

Greater Manchester’s Metrolink has a new Director, Peter Cushing, following outgoing boss Philip Purdy’s decision to return to his native Australia in spring.

Cushing will succeed Philip in February, after members of the Greater Manchester Combined Authority formally ratified Transport for Greater Manchester’s (TfGM) appointment.

Cushing as also worked on several rail franchise bids, winning three, and was part of the team involved in the Department for Transport’s remapping of the heavy rail network that saw the creation of the East Midlands Trains, London Midland and Cross Country franchises.

In recent years, Peter has worked with TfGM’s Metrolink team on a long-term but interim basis, overseeing existing day-to-day operations during the current £1.4 billion expansion programme.

He will formally take up the role of Metrolink Director from 4 February.

Councillor Andrew Fender, Chair of the TfGM Committee, said: “Peter’s appointment puts Metrolink in very capable hands. He is thought of very highly within the industry and brings a great deal of experience to the role.

“In recent years he has been supporting the existing team while we deliver the £1.4 billion Metrolink expansion and, in doing so, has built up a thorough understanding of the network.

Peter said: “I’m delighted and looking forward to the exciting challenges ahead. The Metrolink network will soon become the biggest light rail system in the country and, as part of that, is undergoing the most significant change in its history.

“In 1992, Metrolink consisted of 30km of track, 27 stops, 26 trams and one depot. We will soon have an entirely new fleet of 94 trams, two depots and a network covering 97km of track and 99 stops.

“It is a remarkable achievement, driven entirely by its own success, but a project of this magnitude, on an existing, well-established and well-used network, is going to come with some growing pains and teething problems. How we work through those inevitable issues is crucial.

“Passengers want a service that is reliable, clean, efficient, and focused on their needs – that’s what our focus is and will continue to be as we grow.”

Report as offensive or innapropriate Comment by Hiram Abiff ( member )  30th January 2013
Welcome to Trainsylvania!

Report as offensive or innapropriate Comment by paladinopus ( member )  29th January 2013
Certainly plenty to get his teeth into!

Report as offensive or innapropriate Comment by Moss Byrnes ( member )  29th January 2013
Is this a revamp?

Report as offensive or innapropriate Comment by Ruthie ( member )  29th January 2013
Looking at that photograph reminds me of what my gran used to say "Never trust a man who wears Brown shoes with a dark suit".

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