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Review: Elbow at Jodrell Bank

Posted by Editor on 24th June 2012 at 08:30 PM
Review: Elbow at Jodrell Bank

by Adam Keyworth

On the day where Jodrell Bank saw a month’s worth of rain in a matter of hours, 10,000 rain mac-clad “Jodrellites” came out in defiance to see their local heroes Elbow really make their mark as, arguably, the best band in Britain.

Under the imposing cold war Lovell Telescope, Garvey and co stepped onto the comparatively diminutive stage with their ever-impressive backing orchestra.

Launching into previously un-played opener ‘High Ideals’ and Guy’s soothing tone and the band’s brilliance immediately come to the fore.

The set is packed with hits past and present, with the anthemic 'Open Arms', to the spine-tingling ‘The Night Will Always Win’ played on a runway as almost a barbershop quartet-esque fashion.

It was however the reintroduction of ‘Scattered Black and Whites’ that stole the show.

Garvey, like a lyrical Lowry, through his poet-laureate fashioned simple yet beautiful refrains resonate through the heavy rain, as fireworks light up the grey skies and Garvey turns towards the sky wailing out the spellbinding “I come back here from time to time”, and Elbow finally look aware of their genius.

The unforgettable night ends with the BBC favourite ‘One Day Like This’ and the laughably ironic line “It’s looking like a beautiful day” ends what has been an remarkable set.

This one will last long in the memories of the band and their ever present followers.

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