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Posted by guest on 16th September 2010 at 06:20 PM
Video: Lars Zollinger - Traditional Salford butcher

by Tom Rodgers

With the recession hitting independent retailers hard, one village near Worsley is bucking the trend by keeping their butchers well and truly open.

Lars Zollinger has been trading in the small village of Roe Green for 15 years and enjoys repeat custom because of, his customers tell us, the higher standard of service that only a local butcher can offer.

Supermarkets can now offer meat more cheaply, but shoppers in this part of Salford have voted with their feet to keep Lars and his staff working overtime.

Assets like being able to telephone in orders in advance mean the shop on Greenleach Lane continues to do a roaring trade in top-quality meat, fruit and vegetables.

The butchers' specialities are his 12 varieties of sausages, and his best-seller, the "Tommy Marsden" has an interesting story behind it.

One of Lars' local customers brought a family recipe from into the shop and asked if Lars could recreate it, having found nothing on the shelves which resembled it.

The peppery "Tommy Marsden" resurrects techniques and ingredients which you won't find in supermarket sausages - but instead each batch is mixed by hand, uses no preservatives, and the pork is flavoured with a blend of spices which are a closely-guarded Marsden family secret.

Lars says he's happy to recreate any recipe his customers bring him, so why not head to Roe Green next time you fancy a bacon sandwich or a decent steak and keep this great independent business going.

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Great Butcher - It is shops like this that help retain a sense of community - there is a personal service and friendly atmosphere that you just don't get in supermarkets, although I am glad Lars stopped short of telling any of his jokes in the video!! You'll just have to visit the shop to hear those....

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very few butchers left now

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It's not meant to be news it's in the lifestyle section don't you understand the difference? Honestly some people will knock anything. I think this is brilliant, really interesting another great video. Well done Salfordonline

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How is this news, a butcher who makes sausages and serves customers, is this not his job or basically an advertisment for his shop.

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