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St Patrick's top Salford school league

Posted by guest on 15th January 2009 at 01:26 PM
St Patrick's top Salford school league

St Patrick's RC High School and Arts College topped the leaderboard of Salford schools when Children's minister Ed Balls published the secondary school league tables for the UK today.

The Guildford Road, Eccles school managed to score full marks, with 100% of their pupils receiving 5 A* to C grades in their 2008 GCSEs. This is compared to the national average, which currently stands at 65%.

Parents who want their children to miss the fewest days of school should choose the Worsley school of St George's RC High, on Parsonage Drive. The Catholic school weighed in with the fewest number of half days missed, at only 6.5%.

In news that may shock some people, but will not surprise those who opposed its opening, the lowest scoring schools in the 2008 GCSEs is also the newest.

Salford City Academy on Northfleet Road in Peel Green was a 1 million new build in September 2006, specialising in Sport and Business. But despite the injection of cash, results have suffered. This year just 48% of pupils scored 5 A*-C grades, compared with 62% last year.

The biggest improvement came from bottom-of-the-league Hope High, which in 2007 produced only 31% of children gaining the 5 A* to C grades. This year, they leap five places up the Salford league tables, scoring a respectable 55%. Hope High was turned into Oasis MediaCity Academy in September 2008, after investment from Christian charity Oasis UK.

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best school evaaaa

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