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Heat loss van to patrol Salford streets

Posted by Editor on 15th January 2009 at 03:05 PM
Heat loss van to patrol Salford streets

A van is prowling Salford streets by night this month, with the blessing of the city council. There's nothing sinister about the HeatSeekers vehicle - it's just the latest tool to help homes keep warm in winter.

It automatically detects heat escaping from houses, measuring the energy efficiency of up to 1,000 properties an hour. It also provides a thermal image to persuade private sector households to apply for low cost or no cost cavity wall and loft insulation.

The picture to the right shows how heat loss is measured with infra-red cameras. The colours blue and green mean heat is being kept inside well, whereas yellow and red mean that heat is escaping and the household is losing money.

The hi-tech initiative is the work of the council's affordable warmth team and its partners, Energy Saving Partnership and Mark Group.

It is the first time the revolutionary van has been used in Greater Manchester. After its night rounds, residents will receive the thermal image of their home and a letter explaining the insulation offers.

Depending on their age, address and circumstances, people may qualify for free or grant-aided installation but the scheme is optional and nobody is compelled to take part.

Councillor Peter Connor, Salford City Council's lead member for housing, said: "The HeatSeekers van is seen as a key front-line weapon in the battle against climate change.

"It can play an integral role in making homes more energy efficient and I urge private sector residents to take advantage of low cost or no cost insulation."

Last winter, the affordable warmth team ran a highly successful HeatStreets scheme. It gave free insulation to more than 1,000 properties, and low cost insulation to hundreds more.

The HeatSeekers low cost telephone hot line is 0845 390 9390, open from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

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