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Government must stay focused on MediaCity, argues MP

Posted by Editor on 14th June 2011 at 06:15 PM
Government must stay focused on MediaCity, argues MP

Hazel Blears MP has called on the Government not to “take its eye off the ball” and do everything it can to support the continued growth of MediaCity.

Speaking as 11 MPs from the Communities and Local Government Select Committee arrived in Salford today to visit MediaCity, Ms Blears said more needed to be done to ensure Britain retained its competitive edge in the creative industries.

Writing to the chair of the committee, Clive Betts MP, she said:

“With only 22 of 200 acres currently developed it is vitally important that we continue to redevelop MediaCity and ensure that many other companies - small and large - join us to create one of Europe's largest and most successful creative clusters.

“Major tenants like the BBC and ITV are obviously a real coup for Salford, but we cannot afford to take our eye off the ball and future success will be dependent not just on creating a great environment for the creative industries to thrive, but also getting Government policy right in terms of skills, transport, enterprise and broadband infrastructure.”

She added that with the UK having the largest creative sector in the EU, it was critical that the Government backed industries of the future.

“As long as the Government breaks its promises on tax breaks for games developers and dithers on changing outdated copyright laws,” she argued, “then our creative sector is being put at a disadvantage and we will find it difficult to keep our competitive edge.”

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