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BBC Defends Staff Relocation Plans

Posted by Brian on 19th December 2007 at 10:58 PM
BBC Defends Staff Relocation Plans

The BBC has defended its plans to give staff involved in its partial relocation to the North up to 8,000 to help cover their moving costs.

It was reported that the corporation could spend 16.5 million on the relocation packages, giving each person up to 3,000 to spend on curtains and carpets alone.

The Daily Mail also said the BBC may buy houses for some employees through a third party and face the liability for losses if the properties were eventually sold on for less.

It would also help find new jobs for partners of its workers, and schools for their children, as well as pay for stamp duty, legal fees and surveys, the paper reported.

News of the relocation spending comes as the corporation is trying to cover a funding shortfall of more than 2 billion and is due to axe almost 2,000 jobs.

The BBC has confirmed staff would receive packages of up to 8,000 depending on their individual circumstances but said it did not recognise the 16.5 million figure.

A spokeswoman said: "All major companies pay relocation allowances to staff and not just to managers when they are asked to move cities for their job.

"Our package is entirely reasonable and we do not expect staff to bear the brunt of moving themselves.

"We are entirely satisfied that the relocation package is both fair and value for money."

She added: "In the long-term, the move to Salford will ultimately save money but primarily we believe that the move will enable us to reflect better life outside London."

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