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Weaste Area Forum

Posted by Tony Flynn on 11th March 2011 at 02:55 PM
Weaste Area Forum

Weaste Area Forum is a new group for the Weaste area. The group want to acheive the following goals.

Get local community groups working together

Be a source of advice and information for local people

Help give Weaste people a voice with the council and others

Be a link to the Community Committee

The Forum is open to any Weaste residents and to voluntary and community groups and businesses in the area. The forum plans to hold regular meetings and drop-ins.

The first meeting is on Monday 4th April in the Meadows Community Resource Centre, 3 Tootal Road.

From 10.00am until 11.00am will be a drop in to come in and talk, meet the forum members and find out more about the Forum.

From 11.00am until12.00 noon will be a meeting for people wanting to be members of the forum to discuss the issues.

Weaste residents welcome but please note it is a small meeting room. So, if you are planning to attend could you let Sarah Whitehead know at or 07780745073

So far, the following people have taken on jobs for the Forum

Andy Leaston - Chair Person
Rebecca Mason - Vice Chair
Sarah Whitehead - Secretary and advertising
Sharman Jones - Treasurer
Sharon Watters - Voting Representative at community committee

You can find out more at the Weaste Area Forum facebook group (41 members and growing!)

Source: Claremont/Weaste Neighbourhood Management Team.

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