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Car Boot Sales - Buile Hill Park - Summer 2011

Posted by Editor on 9th April 2011 at 12:08 PM
Car Boot Sales - Buile Hill Park - Summer 2011

All proceeds will be used to fund future community events in the park

Car boot dates will be:

Sunday 17th April
Sunday 03rd July

Sunday 01st May
Sunday 17th July

Monday 02nd May
Sunday 31st July

Sunday 15th May
Sunday 14th August

Sunday 05th June
Sunday 28th August

Sunday 19th June
Monday 29th August

Set up for 08:30a.m. Cost is £9 per car.

Pre booking is required.

No professional traderís allowed.

To book or for information please contact Brenda on 07968327107 between 4-7pm

Organised by the Friends of Buile Hill Park supported by Salford Ranger Team

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