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Local MP slams Secretary of State’s decision to approve Burgess Farm appeal

Posted by Tony Flynn on 18th July 2012 at 12:10 PM
Local MP slams Secretary of State’s decision to approve Burgess Farm appeal

Barbara Keeley MP has reacted angrily to the decision of Communities Secretary, Eric Pickles, to allow a planning appeal on the development of land at Burgess Farm, Walkden. This means that 350 houses can now be built on the green open land.

The decision comes despite strong opposition from the Walkden community. Barbara has campaigned against the development of the green open space for several years. Barbara and ward Councillor Richard Critchley took a strong stand, when they spoke alongside local residents against the development at the planning appeal..

Barbara said:

“I am appalled by this decision by Secretary of State, Eric Pickles. He has ignored the strength of local opposition to these plans and has even overruled the planning inspector who had agreed with the initial decision made by Salford councillors to reject the scheme.

“In making his decision, Eric Pickles, acknowledges that development on the Burgess Farm site will ‘result in the permanent loss of an area of open countryside enjoyed by local people; encroachment into the wildlife corridor; a significant intrusion into the setting of Walkden; and that it “would seriously degrade the character and appearance of the area and the amenities of neighbouring residents...”

“Eric Pickles has dealt a real blow to people in Walkden and his decision will have a real negative impact on the quality of life for local people. I will continue to campaign alongside and support local people in the fight to try and protect green open spaces from future development.”

Source: Barbara Keeley's Press Office.

Report as offensive or innapropriate Comment by Hararexile ( member )  19th July 2012
Yet again the greed of developers has triumphed over the concerns of ordinary people who wish to protect what remains of our countryside. As usual, the Party of vested interest supports its donation paymasters. What next Mr Pickles, are you now going to over-ride the wishes of all who wish to stop the further wicked extraction of peat at Chat Moss? The ruling is in your hands. Go on , surprise us... some hope. The "Party of Vested Interest" will allow pavement of every scrap of greenery that's not in their pampered constituencies - wouldn't do to have 350 houses in the way of the Hunt dontcher know? Give them time... they'll have us all back in terraces with privies before long and nary a blade of grass to be seen.

Report as offensive or innapropriate Comment by Ex Seadog ( member )  18th July 2012
Mr Pickles... what has happened to the 'Big Society, all in it together' message pledged by your Party Leader? In fact, what has happened to democracy?

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