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Posted by Editor on 5th October 2012 at 06:03 PM
Cameron Cash funeral in Swinton: Pictures and video

By Tom Rodgers
Video by Laila Issa

Hundreds of local parents and children turned out in Swinton today for the emotional funeral of Cameron Cash.

Wearing brightly coloured football shirts they walked alongside the funeral car from Cameron's home on Ennerdale Avenue, down Worsley Road, crossing the A580 East Lancs, turning onto Wetworth Road to stop at Moorside High School, where the “bright and bubbly lad” was a much-loved pupil.

A minute's silence was observed outside the school.

In a fitting tribute, workers building the new school building on Moorside playing fields downed tools today and came to pay their respects to Cameron, who himself would never get to see the new buildings completed.

Cameron, aged just 14, was hit by a car when crossing the East Lancs on the evening of 22nd September 2012.

He leaves behind his mum Sharon, dad Paul, 10-year old brother Tom and baby sister Grace.

Well-wishers covered the accident spot at the junction of Eccles Road with floral tributes, candles, teddy bears, and football shirts of his beloved Manchester United.

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson personally wrote to the Cash family to express his condolences

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