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Remembrance Sunday events in Salford

Posted by Tony Flynn on 9th November 2012 at 12:20 PM
Remembrance Sunday events in Salford

On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month in 1918, the First World War ended.

Since then, 11 November (or Armistice Day) has been enshrined in the memories of the nation as a day to pause and remember those who have given their lives for the peace and freedom we enjoy today.

The Royal British Legion has always supported the traditional Remembrance Sunday services and the customary two minute silence on that day.

As the national custodian of remembrance, the Legion also believes that when 11 November falls on days other than Sundays remembrance should be brought into the everyday life of the nation on those days as well. The revival of support for observance of this demonstrates that, despite the passing of the years and the declining number of veterans, the nation still feels strongly about remembrance.

Remembrance in Salford - November 2012

Parades and other services taking place on Sunday 11 November

Salford Cenotaph - Assembly is 10.30am at Albion Place, The Crescent. Service commences at 10.45am. Please remember that the Crescent will be closed from 10.00am.

Swinton Cenotaph - Service commences at 10.50am at the Cenotaph next to the sunken gardens, Chorley Road.

Eccles - Assembly is 10.20am at Taylors Club, Barton Lane, Eccles. Service commences at 10.45am at Cenotaph on Church Street.

Walkden and Worsley - Assembly is 9.20am at the Royal British Legion HQ, Wilfred Road, Walkden. Service in St. Paul's Church, Manchester Road at 10.00 am followed by wreath laying at the Cenotaph in Parr Fold Park at 11.00am.

Irlam and Cadishead - Assembly is 10.20am at The Royal Arms British Legion, Liverpool Road, Cadishead. Wreath laying is at the Cenotaph, Princes Park, Irlam at 10.55am

Little Hulton - Service and wreath laying at St. Paul's Peel Church, Peel Lane, Little Hulton. Service in St Paul's Peel Church, at 10.30am followed by wreath laying at 11.00am.

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