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Greengate two towers plan passed by Salford council

Posted by guest on 8th November 2013 at 03:40 PM
Greengate two towers plan passed by Salford council

An 100m development for twin towers in the Greengate area of Salford has been approved by council planners.

497 apartments will be constructed in two tower blocks on a vacant plot on New Bridge Street between Trinity Way and the Manchester Victoria railway line.

One block will be 31 storeys high, the other 19.

When Pinnacle Developments NW originally proposed the towers in 2007, the plans were for 46 and 31 floors.

There were over 20 objections to the plans, including from Blackley and Broughton MP Graham Stringer.

"I'm not against tall towers in principle, but I had several constituents complain that the new building would overlook their flats and would make an impact on residents' living conditions.

"They felt that they had been sold their properties on false pretences.

"I objected on behalf of my constituents because they felt their quality of life would be affected, and that is still my position."

Critics said the application was in conflict with the Exchange Greengate masterplan - available online here - which suggests a 12-storey maximum height, but planning officers said the continued development of the area was crucial to Salford's future economic prosperity.

The policy, adopted in 2007, states: "Over the next 15 years The Exchange has the potential to deliver over 3.25 million sq ft of development floorspace. The precise mix of uses is not rigidly set out - the mix of development activity will be informed by commercial and economic considerations and the need to offer diverse facilities to those who want to work, live, visit and enjoy themselves in Greengate."

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