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Posted by guest on 21st September 2010 at 02:36 PM
Ex-Mayor on how Cuts will affect Salford

by Tom Rodgers

With a spending review on the horizon, deep cuts are set to throw local council funding into chaos.

No doubt the council will do all it can, but Councillors and council workers are about to face the worst spending cuts in decades.

We spoke to ex-Irlam Councillor and ex-Mayor of Salford Roger Lightup to get the opinion of a man who worked for Salford Council for over quarter of a century.

With 26 years experience as a councillor, what changes would he make to the system?

While the Coalition government has been remarkably coy about where the cuts will fall, every lobbyist worth their salt is packing their bags and heading to Westminster to badger the government on what to cut and what to save.

The Chancellor, George Osborne, will present the results of the spending review to Parliament on 20 October 2010.

It's likely that every service provided by Salford Council will be affected by the upcoming spending review: from adult care to looked after children, mental health and education. And there'll be more pain to come in the years ahead.

This ex-councillor is "grateful" that he has retired at this time, so he doesn't have to make those hard decisions which will affect every tax-payer, every service provider, every family member in the city.

So, can the vulnerable in Salford be protected from the cuts?

Report as offensive or innapropriate Comment by Guest  21st September 2010
no, that was Roger Jones !!!

Report as offensive or innapropriate Comment by Guest  21st September 2010
is this the fool who wanted to charge us for using our cars,i bet he has not done a days work in the real world in his life

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