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Posted by Editor on 5th November 2010 at 05:06 PM
Video: Final Mass at All Souls RC, Salford

by Tony Flynn
Edited by Mike Heap

Tuesday the second of November - which was also the the feast day of All Souls when the faithful departed are remembered in prayers - was also the date chosen for the last mass to be celebrated at All Souls RC Church, Weaste, Salford.

The church was fully packed with parishioners of all ages who had come to the last mass to be conducted in the church.

All Souls church started life, not where it is now, but on Bute Street (now Kintyre Avenue), Weaste.

In its last years, the original church became an extension of the school, housing the last year's pupils, before they migrated to secondary school. The church was unused for a few years then became a factory, making men's shirts, after which, in the early 1970s it was demolished.

The Bishop of Salford, Bishop Terence Brain, gave the service along with eight other priests including Father Shaun Braiden the current parish priest.

He gave a moving speech to the congregation and explained that the decision to close the church had not come easy and that since 2003 the church had been under threat of closure.

Add to this a dwindling congregation, structural damage which the diocese could not afford to repair and the difficulty that Father Shaun had in dividing his time and energies between two parishes, the other being St James on Salford precinct.

On a brighter note the Bishop asked the congregation not to be too upset, he agreed that there was a great sadness when a church had to close, however you still have memories of that church and that you have to move on and no matter whatever church you attend God is always with you.

Then helped by a priest, the Bishop gave communion and blessings to over two hundred parishioners.

Hymns were sung throughout the service by the congregation which added to the emotional atmosphere in this beautiful church.

After the service had ended, parishioners, many of whom were in tears, were seen lighting candles for loved ones at the statues of saints in the church.

The church was founded in 1892. The parish is now combined with Mother of God and St James, Pendleton, and renamed St James with All Souls. Lady Annette de Trafford laid the foundation stone of a new school here in 1889. This was during the Rectorship of Dean Saffenreuter, at St. James's, Pendleton. A separate parish was formed in 1896, and Canon McDermott Roe was the first Rector, but was soon followed by Fr. Salvatore Carruccio, who stayed until his death in 1903, and is buried in Weaste Cemetery.

Fr. Henry Mom came here from Colne and worked in this district for ten years until ill-health caused him to retire. He died in 1927. A new church was opened in 1934, by Bishop Henshaw. The consecration took place in 1946, by Bishop Marshall.

Report as offensive or innapropriate Comment by Tony Flynn ( member )  3rd October 2013
What format are you watching it on, PC, phone, tablet, over somebody's shoulder? let us know and we shall point you in the right direction to view it.

Report as offensive or innapropriate Comment by Jay024 ( member )  3rd October 2013
Can't view the video of All Souls final mass!

Report as offensive or innapropriate Comment by Salford lad  29th March 2011
What a beautiful church shame the site is gonna be ruined by ugly flats like the ones across the way from tht church. Salford council should stop ripping out all the local landmarks and start saving them. RIP All Souls Church will be much missed.

Report as offensive or innapropriate Comment by Guest  9th November 2010
What a lovely tribute and memories of All Souls you have brought back, a sad day for Salford but at least some of it is recorded thanks to SalfordOnline.

Report as offensive or innapropriate Comment by Guest  9th November 2010
As a child, I and the rest of my school, All Souls, filled the 9 o'clock mass, every Sunday, it has to be said, we would have preferred to be over mode wheel playing cowboys and Indians. The evening before, we sat in the confession box and off loaded all our sins, which were usually, stealing, swearing,taking the lords name.... and any of the others that sounded good, we stayed away from thou shalt not kill, cos we wanted to be free to hit the toffee shop on the way home, though one of my sisters did chuck in Adultery to impress the priest, the first Sunday after her first holy communion. I was/am not religious, but once inside the church, I enjoyed the atmosphere, spending my time looking at the statues, being mesmerized by the warm flickering red light of the candle holders, staring at the stars above the alter, wondered how the artist had painted the images of the stations of the cross that lined the side walls, all whilst the mumbling the prays in latin and letting father Martins words fade away, until the first cough of the chorus would drag me back to the ceremony of the mass, or one of my sisters keeled over in a faint! thus allowing one of hers to take her home...and hit the toffee shop earlier. Our religion was important to us, it set us apart, made us feel part of a prestigious clan, having being accepted by right of rites. All souls church was our place of liturgy, our place to repeat the prayers we had learnt and proudly sing the beautiful hymns, Faith of our Fathers sang with such gusto it must have deafened god, it still sends shivers up and down my spine when I hear it!, no other religion has such a wonderful hymn, it was ours, but sadly it will never again resonate round All Souls church, and onto the streets outside. It is very sad, that this church has closed, sadder still that one day it will be swept away beneath some unforgiving bulldozer, But the pride, memories, sounds and smells will last as long as its past parishioners do, and thanks To our Tony, we now have images of the church and mass that were so much a part of our lives, For this Mr Flynn, I, and I am sure everyone here, and future historians will, Thank and applaud you for a wonderful video,a treasure that will be enjoyed long after you have your last rites.

Report as offensive or innapropriate Comment by Guest  7th November 2010
Whan absolute disgrace that such a beautiful church with so much history is closed with so little public involvement surely a more creative solution could have been found

Report as offensive or innapropriate Comment by Paul Kenny ( member )  6th November 2010
Nice piece Tony, brought back a lot of memories for me - My parents were married in the church, I was baptised, took first communion, and was confirmed in the churchs. I also attended the "youth club" on a Friday night. Father Martin will be turning in his grave.

Report as offensive or innapropriate Comment by Guest  6th November 2010
So, the bishop said that they'd been planning this since 2003, yet only gave the parish 4 weeks notice of it closing. The church has had small but essential repairs left, which have then created larger & more expensive problems to repair. Deliberately left to rot. Such a shame that a beautiful building will be no more, with only the option to visit a 70s monster on the not very desirable Salford precinct. Not only that, the church hall, which is used by a number of community ventures will close on new years eve, leaving nowhere for these groups to meet. The loss of this will leave a big hole in the Weaste community. Bishop No-Brain should be ashamed of himself. JJ

Report as offensive or innapropriate Comment by Guest  6th November 2010
Ive only been going All Souls for two years since moving to the area, thought it was a beautiful church and the alter and dome were very unique, such a shame we have to now travel to St James, it doesnt have the same feel of a traditional church. Id sooner the Church was converted into stylish apartments rather than be pulled down, as it sits well on the junction and as a lasting reminder.

Report as offensive or innapropriate Comment by Guest  6th November 2010
sad to hear of the closure,like a lot of local people i went to all souls primary scool then up to st lawrences,its goona be a bit wierd it not being there,feel more sorry for the genuine catholics who have to travel up to the precinct to worship the"big fella"up stairs..jacktrout.

Report as offensive or innapropriate Comment by Guest  5th November 2010
great video and speakers

Report as offensive or innapropriate Comment by Guest  5th November 2010
What a fascinating video, you have recorded what is and what will be a part of Salford's history for posterity, thank you to all concerned, excellent work.

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