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Posted by guest on 1st April 2010 at 10:41 AM
Pub in the Spotlight: The White Horse, Eccles

by Tony Flynn

SalfordOnline's new Pub in the Spotlight is The White Horse, Gilda Brook Road, Eccles, or is it in Salford as some suggest?

The pub got serious media coverage when Bev Callard - of Coronation Street fame - was the landlady.

Thankfully her grandiose ideas never really took off, and I am glad to say that it has returned back to being a proper pub.

The new landlady Maria has done a grand job in reversing the pubs fortunes, the ill fated M30 restaraunt has been scrapped and the vault reinstated, complete with pool table, some rather posh card tables, apparently poker is a big draw at the pub, also Sky TV is on for the sports fans.

The main room has been decorated throughout and is the venue for something diffrent most evenings, Tuesday is an open mic night with local musicians organising events, karaoke evenings, talent nights and the really popular Saturday evening cabaret nights, try and catch The Mere Cats, a rock and roll band who really raise the roof.

If you get the chance try and get in on a Sunday afternoon. Firstly, Alex the award winning chef puts on a great Sunday dinner, and secondly music is provided by Roman, a keyboard/vocalist who has a huge following, mainly ex-locals from The Woolpack, Salford, who come along for a good old fashioned sing song.

Whilst I was in I was amazed to watch local icon and singer "Pendleton Ernie", a sprightly 87 year old who certainly knows how to belt out the tunes getting the crowd up dancing.

Mention must be given to Alex the chef who provides breakfasts seven days a week, and meals everyday until 7.00pm, ask him about his Gordon Ramsay connection, it's true believe me.

Robinsons beer is on draught along with, lager, cider, guinness, wine, soft drinks, etc.

Maria deserves a big round of applause for turning around a pub which to be honest was becoming more White Elephant than White Horse, so pop in for a pint, worth it just to see "Pendleton Ernie"!

Report as offensive or innapropriate Comment by Salford and Proud ( member )  26th November 2011
You sure your talking about the same pub? I used to go in ages ago, stopped because the beer was sh*te, the food service sporadic and never owt to write home about. I can't ever recall a Nicola running the pub, Roy and Elsie had it for years, then an Italian bloke called Lou and his wife, not called Nicola and Maria who used to flog cans of lager from the nearby off licence, nearly forget the "glory months" of her from Coronation Street with the V.I.P. area and champagne, what a hoot.

Report as offensive or innapropriate Comment by real chef with a diploma ( member )  25th November 2011
firstly would like to say alex the chef one bad liar, the best food i have ever had in the white horse was a sunday dinner and i think the owner was a lady called nicola and i think it was her husband who did the cooking the food was amazing never had a sunday dinner like that again its a shame they went if icould find them i would defiently follow them just for one of those dinners .also the entertainment these people put on just for the locals was great and nicolas husband was dedicated in making his beer lines cristal clean .wish they could come back .pubs people running there business like this couple

Report as offensive or innapropriate Comment by CaroleAnne ( member )  29th August 2011
Maria's gone now!! Under temporary management at the moment but WATCH THIS SPACE!!

Report as offensive or innapropriate Comment by Guest  5th April 2010
Food is great. Chefs caps doffed to Alex,

Report as offensive or innapropriate Comment by Guest  1st April 2010
Give us more of "Pendleton Ernie", the guys a star!

Report as offensive or innapropriate Comment by Guest  1st April 2010
This of course was a new build on the site of a really old pub which my dad used to drink during the second world war - a favourite watering hole of locally stationed American servicemen.

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