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Posted by Tony Flynn on 24th September 2012 at 03:00 PM
Video: Hanky Park comes to life

By Tony Flynn
Video by Jamie Carruthers

SalfordOnline.com were delighted when regular reader Dave Downing called into our office to show us an amazingly detailed piece of artwork that he has painted, a street by street map of Hanky Park, Salford.

David was born just off Ellor Street in Ann Place, and attended John Street school, this school had an unusual feature in that the playground was on the roof, I kid you not.

I have to admit that my book Hanky Park has got a small role to play in this painting because David used the map in the book as a reference point and also the photographs of shops, houses, pubs and other buildings.

David says that it took about 18 months on and off to complete the painting which is roughly about 5 foot by 3 foot, the detail is incredible with individual streets and buildings easily recognisable.

On Broad Street, there is Pendleton Church, Pendleton Town Hall, Pendleton Baths, Leaf Square and even the Salford Corporation green buses.

Ellor Street shows the many shops, pubs, St Pauls Church, Salford Hippodrome and the myriad of back-to-back terraced houses.

David who is self taught is now looking for a good home for the painting, and has suggested that St Pauls Church on Broadwalk (which was originally Ellor Street) may like it as a reminder of the area.

Failing that Salford Local History Library would possibly make a good home for it, have any readers got any suggestions?

If you were from the Hanky Park area, which I was, the painting will bring back many memories for you.

David also writes poetry based on his growing up in Salford, some are written with a Lancashire dialect twang for added realism, and we will be publishing some of his poetry on SalfordOnline.com in the near future.

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Report as offensive or innapropriate Comment by Billybillyjbilly ( member )  25th March 2013
Yes there's an update guys. The painting is currently at St. Paul on show for everybody to go and see. Also I can do copy's for a small fee which will be donated to St. Paul's for all the good work they do. Spread the word. Thanks for your comments also. Contact me on email billyjdowning@icloud.com Ps it's my father who's the artist but doesn't know how to work the World Wide Web hence me doing this for him.

Report as offensive or innapropriate Comment by Tommy Acky ( member )  15th March 2013
Is there a update to this article ? Have prints been made and has it been placed in St Pauls ?

Report as offensive or innapropriate Comment by fish4 ( member )  5th October 2012
Should have read'vid' :( St Lawrences have a lot to answer for!.

Report as offensive or innapropriate Comment by fish4 ( member )  5th October 2012
Wow! brilliant, well done Dave Downey. perrleeeeeeease get some prints out!!!, I want one!. Great vis, again, Mr Flynn.

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