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More on Marwan - just who is Dr Koukash anyway

Posted by Editor on 21st January 2013 at 11:07 AM
More on Marwan - just who is Dr Koukash anyway
Intrepid reporter Nigel Roberts has done a little digging on Salford's white knight Dr Marwan Koukash.

Here, we go back into the history of the millionaire race horse magnate who may still revitalise fortunes at the world's greatest Super League club.

Two weeks ago most Salford Reds fan had never heard of Doctor Marwan Koukash, although any racing fans amongst the Reds faithful may have spotted him being interviewed quite a few times in recent years on a Saturday afternoon’s TV racing coverage after having pulled off another great win.

Dr Koukash was introduced to racing by his bank manager and had just one winner in 2007 which landed him a paltry £2,170 in prize money.

Last year he had 101 winners which netted him over £1m in winnings.

This year so far he has five winners from 22 runners, the most recent of which was Thursday 17 January when he was on his way to watch Salford Reds take on Wigan Warriors in a friendly game.

He also had a winner the previous evening when his horse, Gabrial The Boss, romped home.

That three-year old chestnut gelding is named after his young son, and Dr Koukash has other horses named after his daughters Layla and Lexi.

But just who is Marwan Koukash?

The seeming saviour of Salford Reds was born in Palestine in December 1958 and is married to his wife Amanda.

As an eight-year-old whose family farm had just been bombed, he and his seven siblings and mother walked three days without food until they crossed the River Jordan.

They spent three years in a refugee camp in Jordan until 1970 when they made it to Kuwait, where Koukash threw himself into education as "the only thing that could get me out of the mess we were in".

He didn't own a pair of shoes until he was twelve.

He said: "That part of my life taught me a lot, taught me to appreciate the things I did have, to appreciate the value of hard work. I learned a lot from my father. He worked his way up from a clerk to an accountant to a company director. He supported my education in England."

Koukash came to England as a student at the age of seventeen but "could hardly speak a word of English when I came here: England was not my choice, I wanted to go to America, but my father pushed me into coming here.”

He graduated from John Moores University in Liverpool and studied further to gain a PhD in engineering in 1986 and then taught at the university for five or six years.

He was then appointed as the Director for International Business at John Moores.

In 1992 he set up EuroMaTech, a highly successful training company specialising in corporate training markets running five hundred high quality public seminars per year in areas such as; management and leadership, oil and gas, finance and accounting, HR, IT, project management and contract management.

So the Reds have gone from the brink of administration to the very real prospect of being backed by a multi-millionaire investor who says: “I am coming here to be a winner. I see it as all or nothing. I am here at Salford for sporting reasons and am not getting involved to make profit”.

If determination alone brings success then Salford can’t go wrong with Dr Koukash.

The fans just can’t believe what could be just around the corner and within a few days we should know whether the deal has been completed. It is the stuff of dreams!

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